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Security Guard

176 cm
80 kg
Last Place of work
Охрана директора компании
English, Russian
Contacts, +380639441934

Dobrovolskyi Grigorii Anatolyevich

Date of birth: December 5, 1988

Place of registration: city Marhilovka, Kyiv region ,Vasilkovsky district, Priozernaya street 19

Nationality: Ukrainian

Place of residence: Marshal of Malinowski 28a, Kyiv 20

Marital status: married

Phone: 063-944-19-34



1996-2004 Marhailivka Secondary School 1-3 Degrees,

2004-2006 school number 286, 1-3 degrees Kiev.

In 2006 I studied at the National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine and received higher education in the field of “trainer instructor in track and field athletics”. In 2010 I received a diploma specialist.

From April 3, 2011 to July 3, 2011, attended the center of primary and vocational training of the Institute ,the Department of the State Guard,Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, courses of an officer.

Experience :

From February 4, 2011 to August 2018, the consultant-expert of the Protection Service Bulat of the Office of the State Protection of Ukraine. Senior Lieutenant is a military rank.

During my service in the Office of the State Guard of Ukraine, I took part in ensuring the security of senior officials and high-ranking guests as part of the GTP (tactical support group) and escorting on foot.

As an expert consultant, I have the practical experience of taking security measures to ensure the safety of persons who are subject to state security.

In accordance with the Decree of the President of Ukraine and the order of the leadership of the Office, I was in official business trips in the Donetsk region and in the region of Slavyansk, Donetsk Oblast, Luhansk region and carried out operative combat tasks within the framework of the antiterrorist operation. Also I carried out the protection of senior officials in the area of ​​the Anti-terrorist operation.

I was awarded the state award “The medal of the defender of the Motherland”

Participated in hand-to-hand combat, combat sambo and mixed martial arts. I have repeatedly become a prize-winner and champion in various hand-to-hand and combat sambo competitions. At the moment, I know and I am confidently operate all types of standard armament. I have practical skills in providing the first medical aid during my stay in the area of ​​the Anti-terrorist operation in the east of Ukraine.

Passed upgrading courses for bodyguards in Poland based on ESA – European Security Academy. I have the appropriate certificates: Tactical Combat Casualty Care Course, Counter Assault Team Training Course, Close Protection Operative (Level 4), FPOS (First Person On Scene) and references.

I have a personal page in the social network in instagram (_selfdefense_) .There are videos of my trainings and people who are involved in the same field as me ,this page helps to improve their tactical shooting skills and teach them how to handle the weapon properly.

Released from the reserve of the Security Service of Ukraine on August 28, 2018. After dismissal, my positions were :the bodyguard, senior guard during the security measures , senior officer of the tactical support team worked on positions.

I have a T-Rex tram razor, a masonry assembly: AKM, Colt M4, 12-gauge Mosberg smooth-bore shotgun.

Other information:

Height 175 cm, weight 77 kg. I have a certificate of the driver of the catheter A, B, C.

Married, I have no children.

Language knowledge :

Ukrainian, Russian is free. English is Basic.

My traits are neatness, responsibility, punctuality, benevolence, hard work, discipline, sociability, purposefulness, restraint, tactfulness, attentiveness, organization.