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Security Guard - Afghanistan

High Risk Protection, Security Guard
  • The Guard is

Responsible for providing observation security and force protection support IAW the PWS. Enters billeting areas and latrines to ensure a safe and worry free work and living environment depending ongender requirements of the facility.

Responds and reports alarms, suspicious activities, and violators in accordance with established procedures

and policy. Remains vigilant and takes all reasonable measures to protect life and property and reports all information

in a timely manner. Reports any loss, damage or destruction of Government or Company property to the Security Operations

Supervisor. Alerts supervisors of apparent security violations. Maintains logs and journals. Controls access of vehicles and pedestrians. Ensures all vehicles entering AMC compounds are in safetycompliance, i.e. ground guides, hard hats, safety glasses, and seatbelts being worn when applicable.Checks identifications and authorizations granting entrance to persons and vehicles with proper authorityand denying entrance to those unauthorized.Provides directions and other information to visitors and maintains records of entrances and departures of visitors. Guards a broad range of highly sensitive items applying stringent security measures and procedures.Protects items from fire, theft, sabotage, loss, damage and destruction. Inspects cargo on arriving commercial vehicles and ensures visitors have required escorts. Checks buildings and gates to ensure they are secured.

Reports fire, accidents, and hazards to supervisors and renders first aid when appropriate. Directs personnel

to leave areas of fires and other dangers. Uses necessary force for personal and employee defense. Performs roving guard duties to ensure buildings are secure and light sets and lighting is adequate. Specialattention in providing security is mandatory when patrolling around billeting and female latrine areas. Ensure strict compliance to safety practices and support the AC FIRST Safety Policies and Procedures. Instills a safety first mentality within respective work areas and a culture that achieves low accident rates andminimal lost-time injuries. Adhere to ISO Policies, Procedures, and Work Instructions in support of the AC FIRST Quality Management System. Performs other duties as assigned.

  • *Minimum Requirements**

+ Valid Drivers license may be required.

+ High School diploma or equivalent required.

+ 2-3 years of civilian or military security or law enforcement experience required.

+ Work experience may be substituted for educational requirements and/or educational achievements may be

+ substituted for years of experience. Example: Two (2) years of experience is equivalent to (2) years of college

+ and vice versa.

+ Must be able successfully complete the security guard training.

+ Must have strong interpersonal communication skills and ability to work and communicate with others

+ effectively.

+ Must have the ability to speak and write effectively English and to evaluate written and oral reports.

+ Must be able to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other officials and general public.

+ Must have the ability to work in multicultural, international environment.

+ Must be able to enter and patrol female billeting areas unaccompanied.

+ Must be able to handle confidential company information with complete discretion.

+ Requires a collaborative work style, fostering cooperation and team work.

+ Must have the English language speaking ability to satisfy routine social demands and limited work

+ requirements. Must be able to read simple prose in a form equivalent to typescript or printing on subjects

+ within a familiar context.

  • *Preferred Qualifications**

+ Prior Military experience preferred.