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PSD team member - Iraq

High Risk Protection

The PSD Team members contribute both individually and as part of the Security Detail to the effective and sustainable planning, preparation and execution of security operations. Within a PSD, primary appointments are Vehicle Commander, Personal Protection Officer, and Rear Observer. All team members can be expected to be employed as vehicle drivers and general security operators, subject to individual skill sets, availability and the intent of the Team Leader.
Fully integrated team member and contribute to safe and secure conduct of operations and training.
Commander / driver of designated team vehicles.
Personal Protection Officer, as directed.
Close Protection during team mounted and dismounted operations, both static and mobile.
Contribute to mission planning and preparation, as well as post-mission reorganisation as directed.
Support TL in all aspects of daily team administration, training and other duties.
Contribute to maintenance of team-issued weaponry, equipment and vehicles Maintain high level of Operation Security (OPSEC) standards whilst on duty and on leave.
Maintain high level of physical fitness, commensurate with PSD duties. Present a professional and presentable appearance at all times when in uniform.
Ex-military or ex-police with an excellent record of conduct.
Relevant experience in a hostile environment for a minimum of one year in a similar position.
No criminal record; honourable discharge.
Sound knowledge and experience in the conduct of personal security and close personal protection in a hostile environment.
Completed a recognised Close Protection / Personal Security Detail course. More info about courses Here
Demonstrated interpersonal communications skills.
Holds a current drivers licence and International Driving Permit.