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Maritime Security Guards - Overseas

Maritime Security

Sea Guardian deploys Maritime Security Guards as armed or unarmed team members in accordance with the ICoC and the relevant national and international regulations. Applicants must be at least 21 years old, be physically, medically and mentally fit and competent to carry out their duties.

All personnel deployed by Sea Guardian meet the following prerequisites:

Qualified as per IMO and the relevant legislation / regulations

Have Clean Criminal Record (periodically updated)

Certified of being medically and physically fit (ENG-1 or equivalent)

Certified of being Mentally fit to handle firearms (periodically updated)

Recent clinical checks proving that they are free of Alcohol and Drug substances

Further screening criteria:

Age: 21 – 50 years old

Past experience as a PCASP (This category is screened separately from others)

Military background:

X-Navy special forces (long term service)

X-Army special forces (long term service)

X-Law Enforcement special forces (long term service)

Navy/Army special forces and marine commandos (common enlistment)

Weapons competency:

Shooting Club Member

Weapons holding license (onshore security personnel)

Weapons shooting & competency license / certification / verification

Education, skills and Past job experience in general (these factors may build up an accepted candidates profile that has the potential to be a PCASP, e.g. martial arts instructor, practical shooting, diver, yacht master, etc)

Level of knowledge of English language (writing – speaking). This factor is examined separately as it is of vital importance for building-up a PCASP Team Leader.